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AA LIFT are pallet truck specialists, with a diverse range of models and specifications held in stock for immediate shipping.

Whether you need tools, power generators, truck parts, forestry or handling equipment, we are proud to provide you with brand name, reliable equipment optimised for easy operation, longevity and safety.

We aim to provide customers with the total business solution. We offer new and used trucks, national service support across the whole market, parts support, short-term hire, operator training and truck management support.

Why Choose AA LIFT Pallet Trucks as Your Pallet Truck Supplier?

All of our pallet trucks are supplied brand new and can be despatched same-day to either your address or your customer’s address. Our ranges include manual stacker trucks, lift tables, weighing scale trucks and fork-truck fork extensions.

Our ranges also extend to more specialist models such as traverse trucks, stainless and galvanised pallet trucks, drum loaders and high-lift pallet trucks. We can offer low-profile pallet trucks and extra-long trucks of various capacities. More details can be found by navigating to the relevant section using the left-hand menu bar or by calling our knowledgeable team on +86 177 0142 8606.


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Contact: info@aalift.com

Phone: + 86-177-0142-8606

Tel: + 86-177-0142-8606

E-mail: info@aalift.com

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